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Why Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets have proven to be an alternative to wooden pallets and are constantly being developed. In hygiene-conscious industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, hygienic plastic pallets are the first choice.

These pallets also last much longer than wooden pallets. They are more durable and less likely to break down during repeated travel. It's an ideal platform for reuse.

The way plastic pallets are constructed helps to consider their durability. Unlike other types of pallets, plastic pallets are usually constructed of one solid piece. This means that there is no weak point at the connection. Also, these trays contain no nails or screws that could injure the operator or the product.

Like wood pallets, plastic pallets can be constructed in a variety of styles. There is a growing need for custom sizes and styles.

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Some specific advantages using plastic pallets include:


  • Longer life than wooden pallets - often over 5 years

  • Safer to operate with no screws or nails

  • can be easily cleaned

  • lighter than wooden pallets

  • Make processes and logistics easier to use.

  • recyclable